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Foot Printing

foot printing

Foot printing is one way of finding target information. This is not only done online but can also be done by viewing information in newspapers / newspapers, letters etc. The most important thing in this activity is how to find as much information as possible about the target.

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The foot printing model that we will discuss is related to online activities, so we don't learn how to find info through yellow pages, newspapers, literature etc.

Foot printing can also be called reconnaissance or it can also be called active foot printing. Namely looking for victim information by interacting directly with the target, this is the first step before entering the system.

In our activities, we need a tool or we can use a computer built-in application such as a browser.

The first step is googling. The easiest way to find information about a website, many already know this simple method, we just need to open a Google page and then in the search box we enter the name of the target company or website.

From the Goole search results we will get information about the website, including the type of index page (PHP or HTML).

To find information on links or subdomains on a website, we can use the following code in the search box: "site: site-name" example: site: "(without the quotes). Or we can use the syntax" inurl: site-name " 


Whois is a protocol that allows us to access the database for a domain. With Whois, you can find out the website owner, contact information, DNS servers, when it started operating, etc.

The Whois server is operated by Regional Internet Registries (RIR), which is located at : ARIN (North America) RIPE NCC (Europe and parts of Asia) APNIC (Asia Pacific) LACNIC (Latin America & Caribbean) AfriNIC (Africa)

Meanwhile, to process this protocol we only use a browser and many sites that can track Whois such as:

Worldwide Whois Servers List :