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The Secrets Of Smart Child

Healthy and smart child starts there. If you want to have a smart child starts from early pregnancy, because the brain slab was formed when 18 days of gestation. Thus, the pregnancy really have to be prepared.
From the form of slabs, in the fetal brain growth will continue to grow. Peak during pregnancy between four months to six months. Good nutrition and supported psychologically unstable mother who will form the baby's brain cells. The more brain cells grow, the more intelligent the child is created. For that, during pregnancy,maternal stress prohibited because it would affect the development of the formation of brain cells.
After the baby is born, the brain cells must be stimulated so that more connectivetissue-forming cells of the brain. This stimulation period, continued the doctor who was familiarly, it is very important done early. Children who lack brain stimulation had no connective tissue.

Therefore, there is a critical period. At that time, the growth of a child's brain is not growing and not growing. This critical period is a period in a child's brain growth. When you get interference, would result in children experiencingdevelopmental abnormalities are permanent and difficult to cure.
If interference is known from an early age, can still be carried out remedial measures. However, if the detection of late, is feared to be deformed beyond.Because brain growth is only until the age of the child six years old.

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