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Internet Setting on the iPad

To activate your iPad you should start by connecting to your computer iPad with iPad USB cable. Once connected iTunes should open automatically.
First you must have iTunes installed. If you have iTunes installed, but the iPad does not appear in the framework of the left side of the screen, you may need to update the software. On a Mac you can do it through Software Update in the Apple menu, in Windows you can use the Help -> Check for Updates from within iTunes.

Once you have iTunes straightened out, you are ready to activate your iPad. This section is very straight and appropriate forward and will appear on your iPad touch screen. You will be presented with a series of instructions to activate and register your iPad. You also have to setup the iPad to your iTunes account. This is the Apple ID (if you have one). If you do not have the Apple ID you can easily set up using the button presented to you on the login screen.
Weaknesses Apple ID does not store credit card information is required to use iTunes. As a result. when they go through the process they should update their account and add credit card to your account. To save time might be a good idea to log into your account through the Apple Store site and make sure everything is set up, including store credit card.
Once you've finished registering (which is optional) and have iTunes set up your account to be ready to use the iPad.
Preparing for the iPad Wifi connection.How the Internet settings on the iPad is more simple. Before do anything else I'll set up your internet connection. It may be a WIFI or over 3G networks, or both.

WIFI (I use the wifi 32-GB) if you use use the clearing system with Wifi using privacy settings, then you will make sure you have password and then at the opening of the network to Wifi please go to the left column of the Settings panel (Settings), you will see "Wi-Fi." Press it and you'll be presented with a list of networks. Tap what you want. If you need a password you will be prompted for it. Once the password is entered (or not) you will be connected to internet.

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